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Why Do Atheists Hate God?

Godless Mom woke up to 4 or 5 Jeebots spamming her mentions on Twitter this morning, all filled with hateful Christian rhetoric and so, I am in a foul fucking mood. Most days, it doesn’t bother me, but every once in a while, the horseshit climbs nose-high and it’s all I can smell.

It’s a good thing for you, because it means I’m going to sacrifice a Jeebot at the altar of and you’re probably going to get a kick out of it. At least, that’s my aim.

I’ve chosen for you today, a Mr. Don Batten. He’s written a blog post with the very same baiting title as mine. Why do atheists hate god? Why, the fuck, indeed, Mr. Batten.

So, let’s just suspend our knowledge of the fact that the sole requirement of being an atheist is a lack of belief in god, and therefore being angry at him is not a possibility, and humour this biblical half-wit for the sake of some heatheny fun.

Mr. Batten starts out by asserting that in his many conversations with atheists lately, he’s heard them express a lot of hatred toward god. Well, Mr. Batten, I’m not entirely sure that talking to your barbie collection counts as having conversations with atheists, but I assure you that if those barbies were hatin’ all over god they were not anything remotely close to atheists. No matter what their little plastic lips told you.

An atheist does not believe in god. You cannot get angry at something you do not believe in.

If what you mean to say is that they expressed some anger towards organized religion, well then, that’s a very different thing, now isn’t it?

Donny godballs expands to express his confusion about why atheists don’t “relax” and “seek a good time” before we turn to plant food. No problem! We’ll just sit by while you strip our friends and loved ones of the right to marry, or stone women to death, or touch little boys, or marry off little girls, or indoctrinate children into fearing eternal damnation and not taking responsibility for one’s own actions and morality. Yeah, let me grab a fuckin’ pint, sit back and watch you do all of this while I just keep my mouth shut.

Now, Jeetard, does that really sound like something a moral person would do? Likely not. We won’t remain relaxed as long as these things continue, but we do relax a lot. I don’t know if you got word or not, but it’s okay for us to diddle ourselves without shame being forced on us. You should try it, it’s lovely.

This baptized brute further questions why we talk about religion by asking why we care if people believe in god, and by all means, my big bibled baby, I don’t think anyone does. Except when that belief starts to infiltrate our lives, our rights and our policies. Trust me, if y’all kept that nonsense to yourselves, ain’t no one gonna give a shit which nonsense you believe.

Then, he utters this nonsense: Nothing matters if atheism is true.

Dafuq did I just read?

Dafuq did I just read?

First of all, pew sniffer, “if’ atheism is true is as silly as saying “if” blue is a colour. Atheism is a lack of belief in god. There are people who exist who have a lack of belief in god. Therefore, atheism is true.

Second, do you really want to settle on the claim that nothing matters to atheists? Not their families, their careers, their pets, social good, progress, etc? Nothing? And you wonder why atheists seem to be uncivil with you? That’s as disgusting a statement as saying all Catholics love raping little boys. Except that my statement is a generalization that has basis in actual events, whereas yours does not.

Everything matters to the atheist. Our time here is all we have. Every last moment here is more precious to an atheist because we’ve accepted that this is all we’ve got.

Lo! Fucking Batten down your hatches (I had to, I really did) though, because this dogmatic dim bulb is far from done making himself look less intelligent than the putrid wafts of rot from a dead fish. Nope, he’s not done at all. He has been kind enough to inform us that we don’t like god because we don’t like the moral restrictions. We want to be able to do what we want! We can make our own rules or just live in total chaos, he says!

I don’t know about you, shitlicker, but I live in a country with laws. There are also natural, and emotional consequences to just about everything. I know right from wrong because I am alive and aware of what goes on around me. You say you get right from wrong from a book. If your book didn’t exist, I’d still have morals, and you’d be all rapey and killy all over the goddamned place, no holy. Am I to understand this to be true?

Skip past a bunch of nonsensical drivel about how the previously religious hate god because of nasty teachers and a discomfort with the notion of hell, and you get this crazy cross gazer proclaiming how strange it is to hate a deity who seems to love so much!

Just look at the love!

Just look at the love!

The Love! It Burns!

The Love! It Burns!

There's so much love in  my face I can't see!

There’s so much love in my face I can’t see!

And then, our Batty Mr. Batten, in true Christian form of course, damns us all to hell.

Well, I thank you for your insight into my life and who I am as a person, but if you could kindly take that idiotic Bible of yours and shove it up your sanctimonious ass, that is something that I am sure all atheists would love.


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