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Update: Mubarak Bala Is Still Being Held Against His Will For Being An Atheist

First, before I give you the updates, please click the button below to show your support:

Tweet: Beaten, drugged & incarcerated for not believing in God. RETWEET & SIGN THIS: #FreeMubarak

Two Sundays ago, when I was first contacted by Mubarak on Twitter, I had no clue what to do.  But somehow, shit got done anyway. Read the first post and the main story here. Here’s what’s happened since:

  1. During our first tweet blast we got a lot of backlash for not having the story fully confirmed. We were sure, as many of us had been tweeting with Mubarak for months prior to this incident. However, we needed to be able to confirm it for others.

  2. One of the people involved in the Twitter campaign, @deezer234, is an associate of a larger humanists group, International Humanists and Ethical Union (IHEU) and was able to obtain a human rights lawyer for Mubarak.

  3. The lawyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited the hospital over the weekend and was able to confirm that yes, Mubarak is being held there. He also informed us that Mubarak has a great deal of security around him because he kept taking phones to get in contact with us.

  4. A Petition was started here: and as of this writing, has 1500 signatures. Please sign it and share it.

  5. We posted the story to Reddit and it currently has near 2400 upvotes.

  6. After a phone call with Mubarak’s lawyer, IHEU was able to find out that he will be filing an action on behalf of Mubarak vey soon.


Mubarak and his mother

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