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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nephew Rap a Response To Flat Earther #ThingsYouCantMiss

So, I’m a middle-aged Canadian mom and I don’t know who B.o.B is. For me, rap is still Andre3000 inquiring as to what could possibly be cooler than being cool.

Apparently, though, this B.o.B fella is a flat earther and a holocaust denier. Yes. In 2016. Twenty. Sixteen.

At some point, you Americans ought to think about education being the most important voter issue. Just sayin’.

So, B.o.B let his opinions be known all over Twitter and he caught Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s attention. Neil schools him, but B.o.B wanted the last word, so he recorded a diss track aimed at Tyson.

What did Tyson do? He recorded his own track.

The level of awesome here is outside of my ability to describe. You just have to listen.

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