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Jeebot Makes Excellent Point About Why Atheists Should Not Want To Save The World

I know Godless Mom has torn apart some pretty … imbecilic jeebots here on but today, I bring you a blog post from a christicle who has made an excellent, referenced point with zero assumptions and no gross over-exaggerations at all.

LOL. Had you going there for a sec, didn’t I?

Listen, I try. I try to find coherent blog posts and articles about atheists from a religious perspective. I search and search, and come up fruitless. I guess, though, that when you suspend reality in favour of a zombie god, you’ve kind of surrendered your ability to form proper thoughts, let alone write them down so others can understand.

Today we have a Christmas cracker who, just based on this very short blog post, is clearly not allowed to leave his home without someone signing him out.

He says,

I’m not sure what to make of someone who: 1) claims to be an atheist (of the naturalistic variety) 2) works passionately to fight global warming On the one hand, they believe mankind – and all sentient life – is destined to eventually go extinct (see: “heat death of the universe”).

Sweet, Sugary Sinner, you’ve gone and mixed up your religion’s end of days prophecy with something that not all atheists believe. Atheists simply do not believe in a God.

We have no unified view on the end of the World, or our species, or anything really, other than that it feels silly to believe in a God for which there is no evidence.

But even according to “worst-case scenario” climate models, global warming isn’t going to have apocalyptic, life-altering consequences for the generation that’s currently living. Even if these grim models are true, the manure isn’t going to really hit the fan for at least another 100+ years.

Heat Death

Heat Death

Alright, Faithful Fucktard, now you’re just spewing out your ass. Let me explain this in terms you can understand. Cue the sappy Full House music.

Remember that scene in 7th Heaven, when Simon called Mary Big Butt? Remember that afterwards, she spent hours rubbing her own ass in the mirror, worried that perhaps Simon was right and her rear end was in fact, oversized? What did we learn from that episode? We learned that we don’t just spout random crap without facts or reason or cause behind it, especially if those things are hurtful because your sister might develop a bumsterbation fetish.

You’re just wrong. Everything you say is a wilder guess than lotto numbers. For one, there are plenty of respected scientists out there who think catastrophe will happen a lot sooner than hundreds of years into our future. Some even estimate it could begin as soon as 2050.

For two, you seem to think that people should not care about what happens to our species after we’re dead. That’s kind of a gross thing to assume and if you’re basing it on what you, yourself think and feel, well, you should just keep that twisted shit to yourself. Know that most people, theists and atheists alike, care very much about what happens to our species even a millennia down the road.

Taking immediate steps against global warming, however (via carbon taxes, rationing of fossil fuels, etc.), is guaranteed to cause significant economic hardship for people who are currently alive.

And by “people”, of course, you mean corporations. Ever dated one, by the way?

But if humanity is doomed to eventually go extinct (because…you know…entropy), then why does it really matter to an atheist living in 2014 whether that happens in 300 years, or in 3,000 years, or in 30,000 years?

Um. Compassion? Hope? Descendants? Family line? Progress? Growth? If what you’re saying is that you don’t care what happens to future generations, charlie chuckles, then own it. None of us would claim that.

I know that I care very deeply what happens to our world and future generations. Even thousands of years into the future. I will have no way of knowing what happens after I die, but how can you live with yourself while alive, knowing you’re not doing what you can to prevent the suffering and destruction of any human, present or future? Please explain how you can live with yourself, since you clearly have first hand experience.

We’ll all be dead by then, anyways. Everyone we love and care about will be dead by then, too.

Did you even hear what you just said? You’ve just said that the only people worth saving are the people we love and care about. Honestly, the moral high horse you religiots sit upon is built of toothpicks and popsicle sticks and we can all see it crumbling. You make our case for us. You prove to everyone with the stupid shit you say, that you have no fucking idea what real morality is.

Humans are worth saving, whether you love them or not. A shame Jesus didn’t teach you that.

I don’t know about Christians, but most atheists love and care about all people, now and in the future.


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