I Need Your Help

I’m sure some of you have noticed that recently my web site has been performing poorly. It’s slow, it lags and sometimes it returns an error and won’t even let you in.

I’ve been in contact with my hosting provider on multiple occasions and have had them pretty much just tell me that I need to have a dedicated server for my site, which costs $80/month paid at least 12 months in advance. Unfortunately, Godless Mom does not make me near enough to justify that sort of cost.

My site is run on WordPress. I have 1 third party theme installed, which I have modified significantly. I have 8 highly rated plugins installed. I would hardly say this is a setup that should cause significant server load. I have exhausted every troubleshooting avenue I’ve found, disabling plugins, themes, etc, and nothing seems to work. I’ve concluded that it must be my host capping my site’s usage.

So, I’m looking to switch hosts. The move, altogether, will cost me $320 (for 3 years of a basic hosting package – not a dedicated server), and I have just over $100 in Patreon. So, I am asking if you’d be willing to chip in a buck or two to help make up the remaining $220. I simply do not have the bucks to do it on my own. I’m still struggling with student loans and a goddamn (no holy) car loan for a car I don’t even have anymore (written off when Godless Dad decided to crash it). Imagine if I went to Godless Dad and said, oh by the way, my hobby web site is going to cost us a deuce to save. He’d be all, nu-uh, no way, them heathens will survive without He’s right, too, you will. But I’m not sure I would.

I understand if my asking for help makes you uncomfortable, but you have to be able to see the sheer amount of work I pour into this site. This isn’t about free money, this is about an extremely hard working writer trying to save her web site. This is about letting you guys have unrestricted access to it, without worrying about errors or slow page load times or server crashes.

So, if you could find it in your heart to give a buck or two, you can donate using this:

If you can’t afford it, I understand. If there’s anything I understand, it’s that. I don’t expect you to and I will always find a way to get my content out there regardless. You have to know that with or without a donation, you have already done more for me than I could ever sufficiently thank you for. All of you have been so incredible in the past year, you have no idea what you’ve done for me. That’s the one thing I could never explain in words. That’s the one thing that renders me speechless.

So, whether you can donate or not, you could never know how much I value you. But if you can, maybe we can move this site to a better host and you’ll never see that goddamned (no holy) error again.

Of course, if you have a more free or less expensive solution to my problem, I would so welcome your suggestions. Drop me an email at


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