Guest Post: She Endured A Brutally Violent Crime, Send Her A Message Of Hope #Hope4Cytherea

This is a guest post from @GGmad_cat, writer, author, activist and all around awesome guy. 


On January 19th, 2015, adult film star Cytherea and her family were victims of a home invasion by five armed men. In the process of holding everyone at gunpoint and stealing valuable items, Cytherea herself was raped four times. Since the occurrence of this unfortunate event, all five men have been arrested. As bad as this ordeal was for the family that night, what was equally as bad was how the international media and Feminist groups ignored her.

Mercedes Carrera, famed pornographic star and former engineer of STEM field, tried to reach out to feminist, Anita Sarkeesian. However, her requests fell on deaf ears. She made a video in response to that, and asked people who saw the video for help.

The people of GamerGate, Honey Badger Radio, MRA, and even individual Feminists heard the passion in Mercedes voice and did something about it. Within 24 hours, we helped Cytherea reach her goal, and within a week, we nearly doubled that total. Very recently we reached the $20,000 mark. Click here for the fundraiser.

Money is nice and we hope it does her and her family well during their recovery. However, I know from experience that hearing words of support can help people in a way money cannot.

With that said, we have the #Hope4Cytherea Event.


For the next few weeks, we are collecting videos and audio of people giving a 30 second message to Cytherea. This is a message of hope, to let her know the world is in her corner and cares for her.

We are getting these videos in two ways.

The first way is by people recording a video or audio track of their message and putting it on YouTube. Each video should be no longer than 2 minutes, but there needs to be a specific section of video specific for Cytherea that is no longer than 30 seconds. It’s that 30 seconds that we use for the final video project.

Once the video is uploaded, please send a tweet to @GGmad_cat  to let him know where he can find your video. He will then download it and add it to the video project.

The second way is the #Hope4Cytherea Live Event

On March 7th, we attempted to do a live event but had technical difficulties that day. We believe we have solved these problems. We apologize for the failures, though something like this has not been attempted before on Google+.

On March 21st, Mercedes Carrera will be hosted by Chris Votey (aka: mad_cat) on his channel. During this time, visitors to the show will get a chance to come on live with Mercedes and leave a message for Cytherea. As a thank you, Mercedes has agreed to answer a question you may have for her while you are on the air.

INSTRUCTIONS – Click here for the live event.

On the day of the event, a message will go out on Twitter using the #Hope4Cytherea tag on mad_cat’s account. The message will be to put your name in to be selected to go on the show. You will need to use the #Hope4Cytherea tag in your message and state “I want to be on the show”

Be sure to follow mad_cat on twitter. On the day of, mad_cat will follow each of the accounts in queue, and send them a direct message (DM). The DM will contain the address to go to get on the show. You can follow mad_cat prior to the event, just let him know you are following for the #Hope4Cytherea event, and welcome to stop after the event. mad_cat will need to get confirmation that you are ready to come on to the show, thus best to follow him so you can contact him back through twitter’s DM.

You will have three minutes from when the DM is sent to come on. After those three minutes, we will go onto the next person. If you come in after that, we will put you on mute until the current person is finished.

When you are on the show, you will be asked to give your name and then give your 30 second message for Cytherea. After that, you will be able to ask Mercedes a question. This question and answer will last only two minutes, so be sure to ask a short question. You can choose not to ask a question and instead share anything you want, but will only have two minutes. You may also opt not to ask/say anything to her.

At the end of the two minutes, mad_cat will interrupt and disconnect you from the live feed. You can remain in the chat and talk to others and ask questions. We will try to pull questions from the chat as best as we can between people that connect. Mercedes may also continue answering your question until the next person arrives.

When you do connect to the call, please wait to be addressed, as there may be someone else talking when you get on. You may find yourself muted as well.

We ask that you show courtesy to both the Guest and Host of the show. Understand that there will be a lot of people that will want on the show and we might have to be abrupt for the sake of the event.

Remember that this event is for Cytherea, to give her hope during her time of recovery.

Special thanks to Mercedes Carrera, mad_cat, GM Daddy, and Godless Mom for putting this event together. Also special thanks to Jocelyn Stone for setting up the emergency fund for Cytherea and for all of those that have given to Cytherea during this difficult time.

Click here for the live event.

This is a guest post from @GGmad_cat, writer, author, activist and all around awesome guy. 

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