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Guest Post: God’s Not Dead 2: Rise Of The Christian Persecution

This is a guest post by Jay Solemn, of Godswill Ministries. You can keep up to date with their activities by liking their Facebook page, or following Godswill on Twitter. If you want to be a guest blogger here on, contact me.

God's not dead 2

As I mentioned, I didn’t see the movie, but I am VERY familiar with ‘Pureflix’ (the production company focusing on all things Christian). Also, I have read enough reviews to get the gist of the thing. And frankly, we are not talking about ‘Inception’ where the plot makes you leave the theater scratching the inside of your brain with a coat hanger. Movies coming out of ‘Pureflix’ are not known for their deeper meanings.

But, to be fair, I’ll lay my cards on the table. From the information I could glean, this is how I see the movie going down: Student asks a teacher a question about Jesus during class. Teacher answers question about Jesus during class. Teacher gets in trouble for saying the word “Jesus”. Teacher goes to court where angry atheist lawyer tries to destroy her life and/or career. Every Christian character in the movie rubs one out to Jesus. The teacher is found not guilty. Everyone waves their hands in the air while singing “Praise Fucking Jesus!”. (I kind of paraphrased that last part, but you can see where I am going with this.) If any Christians reading this article feel I have been misinformed, then feel free to write me and tell me where I went wrong.

I would like to take this moment to clarify that I am not talking ALL Christians. I mentioned at the top of the article that I am focusing on Christians who would go to see this movie in theaters. I realize there are plenty of religious people out there who agree with me that 99.9% of all Christian movies suck sheep balls, so I certainly don’t want to stereotype. I only bring that up because the directors of these movies take the complete opposite point of view: EVERY atheist character in a ‘Pureflix’ movie is the very definition of a stereotype. In fact, it comes across as if they don’t even know what an atheist is. In their twisted little heads, atheists are people that “Hate God”, and that is a totally different topic for a totally different article that I don’t want to get into now. I’ll leave that shit-show for another time.

But that got me thinking about the nature of these films, and I am sure everyone will agree with me when I say the “God’s Not Dead” movies are nothing but Christian propaganda. These are movies that were made to appeal to a very specific audience with a very specific message to reassure their fantasy as to how the world “should” work according to them.

There is another word for that type of movie genre. It’s called “PORN”. And that is exactly what these Christian persecution movies are. They are religious porn flicks meant to tempt and tease that unwavering lust in every born-again sycophant who gets wet over the thought of everyone in the world following Jesus just like them as they sit their during the film with visions of giving god a rim job running through their heads.

When the movie is over, and all of the theater seats have to be toweled off, I just assume the audience runs off into the night to start denying rights to gay people, or whatever else it is that Christians do to purge their sexual urges instead of actually having sex. (Because sex is dirty, and every time you have an orgasm you make an angel cry.)

I know when I order a pizza it is not going to be delivered by an uber-hot blonde who is making her last delivery of the night and asks if she can come in and “get a piece of my large sausage”. I know when I visit a library, some sexy brunette with a push up bra and three buttons missing on her shirt is not going to “punish” me for returning a book late. (Do people even go to libraries anymore?) And I know if I am ever in the shower at the gym, I will not be approached by two women barely covering themselves with towels informing me that the showers are broken in the girl’s locker room and ask if they can join me.

Every porn flick and Christian persecution movie can be summed up in one sentence: SHIT LIKE THAT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD!

This movie is coming from the reference point where Christians are somehow “losing” an imaginary war where the government is telling them they can’t be Christians. Their religion is being silenced from all sides, and every day brings new rules and punishments for talking about their faith. In short, they feel they are being persecuted, and if they don’t start fighting back soon then the “war” will be lost. On top of that, they feel their opinion is the correct one no matter what, and to deny them the opportunity to tell the rest of us lowlifes said opinion is to somehow persecute them.

What most of them don’t seem to understand is just because you can’t practice your faith with impunity does not mean you are being persecuted, and that is where the argument has taken us in this county. Recently, the word “persecution” has been swapped out for the expression “religious liberties” in the media, but it is the same god-damned thing. Christians play the victim card under the guise of religious liberty when they find out they can’t break the fucking law whenever they want.

I’ll use the trusted and true example of same-sex marriage licenses, because that seems to have been the catalyst. The argument here goes: I know I was hired to do a specific job (handing out marriage licenses). I don’t like the idea of gay people getting married. I refuse to give them a marriage license. What do you mean I still have to do the job I was hired to do? I AM BEING PERSECUTED FOR MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!

Now you can swap in any recent example from the news into that scenario and get the same result. To these hard-core religious fanatics, they feel they are the victim when they don’t get to pick and choose the laws they want to follow. But guess what, dip shit? That is what the rest of us call “Being Part Of A Society”. Christians like to say that being religious does not end when they leave their house in the morning, and nor should it. But by leaving your house you are entering into a non-verbal contract with everyone else who got out of bed and agree to abide by certain laws so that the world keeps on spinning. Get used to it.

And getting back to the movie, and to sum all of this up so the rest of you can get on with your day, the only reason the character in the movie is being “persecuted” is because she is a Christian character in a Christian movie being delivered to a Christian audience. If the teacher in this scenario had been a Muslim and had mentioned Mohammad in a history class, Christians would be the first to lead the charge in getting that person fired, because that is how they see the world.

Only OUR religion should be taught in schools, because only OUR religion is the REAL religion. THEIR religion is blasphemy and has no place in a classroom. How dare they impose their religious beliefs on my child? (See what I am doing there?)

If, as a Christian, you swap in “Mohammed” for “Jesus” every time you hear about one of these religious persecution examples in the news and still do not have a problem with it, congrats. You are way more enlightened than the rest of your flock.

However, if, as a Christian, the idea of a Muslim wedding clerk refusing to give a Christian couple a marriage license makes you angry, then halle-fucking-lujah. You have seen the god damned light and now understand why the rest of us get so pissed off. Now take that new found empathy and go do something useful with it.

This was a guest post by Jay Solemn, of Godswill Ministries. You can keep up to date with their activities by liking their Facebook page, or following Godswill on Twitter. If you want to be a guest blogger here on, contact me.

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