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Follow Friday: Theist Edition

Frankie's egg

Frankie’s egg

Happy Friday Unbelievers! I hope all my American readers had a wonderful holiday and are now trying to work of 5000 calories and a hangover.

This week, I want you to follow some theists I love. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking you might get preached at or damned to Hell. With these guys though, it’s just not the case. I have always maintained that I don’t care if you’re religious, so long as you do not expect your beliefs to trickle into government policy, nor judge others for arbitrary things in your holy book, or push it on anyone who may see things differently. These 3 people are exactly what I think people with spiritual beliefs should be: open-minded, accepting, caring, compassionate, funny, relaxed and not pushy in the least.

I’ll start with Frankie. Frankie is a wonderful Catholic woman who has the sense of humour of a drunken porn star. She’s crude, hilarious and truly a caring person. She lent an enormous hand when we ran the #FreeMubark campaign and is constantly willing to help with any human rights and freedom from religion issues we’re hawking at any given moment. She’s incredibly open-minded and smart and I guarantee tons of laughs if you follow her:

Next, and another hilarious one, is Quinton. He’s an up and coming comedian who’s stand up I have been demanding he put on YouTube for a long time now, so maybe you can help. He is a Christian, but I think he has a thing for atheist women cause he spends most of his Twitter time chatting us up 😉 Of course, it’s in a completely respectable, mostly hilarious, and truly friendly way. Q is a sweet and caring man and you won’t be disappointed if you follow him… even his Twitter handle is funny:

Finally, this girl from Texas is sweet and compassionate and I wouldn’t doubt she’d offer help with anything in any way she possibly could, no questions asked. Jamie Velasco is also a blogger, a Christian and a gorgeous young woman. She helped me find some amazing Texas BBQ recipes, which she says are pretty authentic. I highly recommend following this awesome young woman:

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