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Follow Friday: Prison Outreach, Power and a Podcast

If you caught my piece last week about punching nazis, you know I mentioned the Lalo Dagach podcast. Specifically, an episode featuring Dan Arel. Recently, Lalo had Joshua Turner on to counter some of what Arel had said. Joshua is, in his own words:

Follow Friday
Former Neo-Nazi. Now secular humanist/classical liberal. President of Secular Humanist prison program ‘Saved by Reason’. Combating white supremacy with logic.

In all my time studying prison issues, I’d never come across any sort of offender outreach that was secular. There were loads and loads of prison ministries for the faithful, but nothing for the incarcerated who may not have a belief in god. I was so excited to hear, on Lalo’s podcast, that Joshua had started just such a program. This is a great thing for the secular community and I look forward to watching his program grow. Follow Joshua on Twitter: @SavedByReason

You should also follow and subscribe to the podcast that brought attention to Joshua and his program. The Lalo Dagach podcast is really well done, always has interesting guests and is full of current topics. Check it out: Lalo Dagach Podcast

This week you should also check out ATHE1STP0WER/Kriz on Twitter who is always very, very supportive of up and coming new atheist content creators. If there is a new atheist content creator out there worth paying attention to, you can be sure Kriz will post about it. Follow Kriz to stay up to date on the online atheist community. Check Kriz out: ATHE1STP0WER/Kriz

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