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Follow Friday: Bravery & Generosity Edition

Happy Friday Unbelievers! A couple of notes before I get started:

1. My site was the target of a brute force attack and everything crashed twice. So, I have taken some steps to fix it all, including adding the new comment system, Disqus. Things should be faster and functioning now, still some bugs are needing to be ironed out though. Please bear with me.

2. I’ve added two sections to my site, which are functional now for the most part. Up above in the menu, you’ll see Memes – this is where I will post all the memes I make and share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and G+, if you are ever looking for them. Still have to add some proper descriptions and titles, but it functions. I also added products to the Books and DVDs section of the store. I will be adding more accessories to the accessories page today, as well. So keep eyes peeled. Buying from my store is a great way to help support what I do, and get cool shit in the meantime.

So, without further fuckaroundery, I give you my Follow Friday suggestions:

Mubarak Bala

Mubarak Bala and his Mom

1. Mubarak Bala – Here is a highly educated man, whose expertise in chemical engineering was sought after by the press, for expert opinion in related stories. His future was bright, as his father had coughed up the coin to send him from their Northern Nigerian state under sharia law to London to study petroleum engineering. However, that all came to a crashing halt when Mubarak told his father, an outspoken fundamentalist Muslim who supports Boko Haram, that he no longer believes in God. His father cancelled his schooling in London and Mubarak was beaten, drugged, detained. Eventually, through public outcry and a strike at the hospital where he was being kept, he was released. He remains in Nigeria, in hiding for fear of losing his life. He has recently been accepted into a University in the US, so we are raising money to get him there. Click here to help in that effort, and be sure to follow Mubarak on Twitter: @mubarakbala

2. Lawrence Krauss – I assume you all probably follow this guy already, but if you don’t, you really should. He’s not only one of the most brilliant minds of our time, and the co-star of the Unbelievers with Richard Dawkins, but he’s also been very supportive of our fundraiser for Mubarak. He even donated a signed copy of his book, A Universe From Nothing, to give away to one lucky donor. Enter here. Follow Dr. Krauss here: @LKrauss1

3. Peter Boghossian – Another big name in atheism who is absolutely devoted to social good. When asked if he could donate a signed copy of A Manual For Creating Atheists, he didn’t even hesitate. Enter to win that here – you do not have to donate to win this prize! Thank you, Peter Boghossian. Follow him here: @peterboghossian

4. Jake Farr-Wharton – He has generously donated a signed copy of his book, Letters to Christian Leaders. We didn’t even have to seek him out and ask, he just offered. We are just so moved by your generosity, Jake. Please follow him here: @JakeFarrWharton

Hopefully, with all this generosity and willingness to help out, we will get Mubarak to school. Literally, all he wants to do is go to school and give back to society. So, get out there and spread the word and be sure to donate. Even $1 is fantastic and we will think the absolute world of you. Click here to donate.


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