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Follow Friday: A Nigerian Unbeliever, Mr. Doe and The Atheist Minority

Happy Friday free thinkers!

Before we get started on looking at some of my favourite online people, I wanted to remind you that I started a Patreon yesterday. You can see the ad for it in my sidebar promising you a dryer sheet in the mail. That’s just one of the super fun rewards you can get. You can also Skype me with video and I will stare at you, scowling, flipping the bird, saying nothing until you,  unable to handle it anymore, exclaim, “You’re not normal, Courtney” and hang up.

You know, fresh, new experiences, amirite? Click here to be my Patron. I love you. Forever. Let’s get married. Why are you looking at her? I’m over here. We’re getting married, dirtbag, remember?

Today, I want you to follow Bamidele. He’s a daddy type of guy in Lagos, Nigeria who struggles as an atheist more than I am capable of wrapping my mind around. He is up against his own immediate family, and his entire community to just be without belief. If you follow him on Twitter, be prepared to have some eye opening conversations and get a glimpse into what it’s like to live in a country where people actually die for being an atheist. He’s a committed humanist who worked with IHEU and our little group to help get Mubarak out of the psych ward. He’s a supporter of human rights, a gentle speaker, a handsome man, and has a massive heart. Follow Bami here: @Deezer234

Mr. Doe's

Mr. Doe’s

I hang out on the Goog from time to time because there’s a rather large atheist community there as well. One of my favourite pages to follow there is Mr Doe’s Your Religion Is Fucked Up. As the name suggests, there’s a bit of contempt for religion to be had there… and it usually comes in the form of hilarious memes… all day long… every day. I cannot get enough. Go follow this Google+ Page here.

And last but not least, I want you to go check out the Atheist Minority. This is a YouTube channel which is a little bit Jaclyn Glen-esque but I feel like it’s a bit more grown up, for those of us who might not be fresh out of our teen years. She’s extremely articulate, clear and very well-informed. I never get tired of her videos and I hope she makes lots more. Here’s one of my faves:

I hope you get some enjoyment out of these follow Friday suggestions. If you want to be featured on a future Follow Friday, please email me here and don’t forget to become a Patron!


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