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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Space Racers

Here’s another show for you my son picked out. I overheard it while I was cooking dinner one night. The dialogue I heard was explaining the scientific method and the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. I was impressed. I put down my knife and let my split avocado oxidize while I became mesmerized with my little guy at this fantastic show.

Space Racers

Space Racers is on Netflix and also offers free full episodes online at It has been created in collaboration with NASA experts and airs on California’s KCET.

The show is centred around a group of space cadets as they journey through the solar system.  Based out of Stardust Bay Academy, Eagle, Hawk, and Robyn are the task force extraordinaire whizzing from star to star. Each episode sings the praises of the scientific method, observation, evidence and space exploration. It explains basic scientific concepts like gravity, orbits and weather.

There are supplemental apps, videos and games for all devices as well, all of which have proven to be extremely popular with children. The show is such a success that the Virginia Air & Space Center recently launched a Space Racers exhibit, with which children can explore the awesomeness of space.

The web site for the show has lesson plans for teachers or homeschooling parents. It has family activities as well, and it even connects you to other great space-related resources for kids. There are even Space Racers activities hosted on

My son picked this out on his own, with no prompting from myself or Godless Dad and he loves it. Some of our dinner table Transformers talk has now been taken over by talk of planets and stars and black holes and galaxies. The only thing you need to be forewarned about is that you are guaranteed to be spending days after any episode humming the theme song to yourself. It’s a catchy little ditty.

Here’s the trailer for this awesome show:

I highly recommend this show. Your kids will love it, and they’ll be smarter for it.

Have you seen Space Racers? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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