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Every Atheist Needs: The Sinner

The Sinner TV Show

I stumbled across this show one night when the little boy was in bed and the hairier half was playing his drums and I was bored. The name, “The Sinner” caught my attention, being as I am always on the lookout for religious bullshit to pick apart.

The show, which stars Jessica Biel, doesn’t have as much religious content as it name might suggest, it turns out. It was just enough, though, to boil my blood and warrant a post on my blog.

Biel’s character, Cora, kills someone in the first episode and the remainder of the show is spent trying to figure out why she did this. They dig into her past which was infected by an overzealous Christian mother who ruled her home on modesty and obedience, prayer and scapegoating. Cora’s sister was terminally ill and some of her worst moments are blamed on Cora’s “sinning”. It’s infuriating both to watch this on a television show and to have it remind you that it actually happens like this for some people in real life.

Aside from that, though, this is really a show about a police investigation; it’s a criminal whodunnit sort of deal but done from a very different angle. If I had to make a complaint, it’s that the timeline is unrealistic. In real life, what is portrayed as happening in the span of less than a year, would really take over a decade to get resolved. Probably two if we’re looking for perfect accuracy.

If you can successfully suspend your disbelief, though, the show is entertaining, different and at times infuriating in a good, godless heathen sort of way. Check out the trailer:

It’s available on the USA Network and I think all you hellbound sinners ought to watch it. Check it out: The Sinner

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