Every Atheist Needs: The Rubin Report

I’ve been binging on the Rubin Report whenever I can steal a moment to watch and I have to say that I am so impressed with his work. Not only are his videos in-depth and cover so many of the topics that matter to me, but he also breaks each show down into more consumable short videos. If you don’t have the time to commit an hour to a show on YouTube, he makes it so easy to grab the most interesting parts of his interviews without that sort of time commitment.

The personalities Rubin invites on his show are all over the map, which has forced me to think about things in a way I may not have before. I’ve come to learn a great deal about interesting people who had never crossed my radar prior to them being on the show. I also find myself aligning with some of his guests, as I nod along with everything they say for an hour straight. One such guest was Christina Hoff Sommers:

The episode I watched most recently was with Michael Shermer and I really don’t think I’ve enjoyed an hour of Youtube as much since I first discovered and binged on Vice documentaries:

Other guests Rubin has had on his show include Sam Harris, Peter Boghossian, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gad Saad and so many more.

Dave Rubin’s show, The Rubin Report, is my favourite thing on YouTube right now and I highly suggest you check him out if you have not already. Click here to go to his channel.


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