Every Atheist Needs: Sword and Scale

People who hang around these parts already know that I read and talk a lot about criminal justice, especially American. As such, I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts.

Yes, there is more to me than not believing in God… go figure. To be honest, I get pretty bored with atheist podcasts. Not because I don’t think they are important. I do. I really do. It’s because I’ve never not been an atheist, which is going on 38 years now. There’s just not much that I haven’t already heard discussed at length. I firmly believe that godless podcasts are extremely needed, especially for new atheists or for doubting believers, and I support many (some of which made my top ten list). I just prefer to listen to my true crime stories.

That said, my favourite podcast right now is Sword & Scale. All the other true crime podcasts I listen to are extremely well done, and very interesting, but Sword & Scale just takes it to another level. The podcast often includes audio recordings of court proceedings, 911 calls and interviews which just adds to the chilling nature of each story. Hearing a killer explain himself in his own words is unsettling to say the least. Add to that, the beautiful but haunting music choices and the way they inject it at exactly the right moments, and for precisely the right amount of time. I often walk away from listening to an episode, unable to stop thinking about it. Of course, it helps that the stories they cover, are some of the most mindblowing crime stories you’ll ever hear. One of the episodes I simply could not shake, was the one about Canadian murderer Luka Magnotti.

Sword & Scale has also touched on a few issues that are near to my heart such as the death penalty and wrongful convictions. Their latest episode, which you can listen to by clicking here, is about Satanic cults, ritual abuse and false accusations. You can see links between religion, even Christianity, with some of these accusations and I think it’s something any skeptic would be interested in.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you check out this podcast. It is, by far, the best example of a podcast that is informative, entertaining, helping to move our world towards a more humane and safe future, and a true work of art.

You can follow Sword & Scale on Twitter: @SwordandScale

What’s your favourite podcast?

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