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Every Atheist Needs: Hitch in Washington

Recently, on a Friday night, I tweeted asking you guys for documentary suggestions. I always get so many great ideas, but one, in particular, stood out that night. It was an interview with Christopher Hitchens I had never seen nor heard of. I was pretty floored I’d missed it up until then.

It’s called Hitch in Washington and it’s a pretty in-depth interview conducted by an Italian filmmaker. So, the questions are in Italian but of course, Hitch’s brilliant answers are all in English.

This is the Hitch we love. He doesn’t mince words, cuts right to the chase. His answers are razor sharp and on point. He’s being filmed in his home and appears to have been surprised by the arrival of the film crew. His clothes and hair all look like he just rolled out of bed, and his home is… stark… and undone.  I like to imagine this is how he always lived, not caring for the aesthetics of things, but rather obsessed with getting it all down in words.

He’s asked questions on politics and religion and he sucks on his cigarette and drinks in between answering as the master orator we all loved so much.

Here is our missed Hitch, on December 1st, 2005:

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