Announcing Godless T-Shirts!

I have been struggling for so long to find a t-shirt company that offered ease-of-use, low base prices and high quality products and I have finally found one.

Thank you to Crystal for suggesting Redbubble!

Now, rather than this be an authoritarian situation where I tell you which t-shirts you need, I would rather this be a partnership of some sort. I want to know what you want to see on a t-shirt. So, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments of this post, or email them to and I will, from time to time, put your ideas up in polls on Twitter and Facebook or just make them because I love the idea! That way, you have a say in the new t-shirts being designed. Please keep in mind, I cannot put my tits on a shirt though, so, sorry guys who are halfway through an email suggesting it already.

Please know that when you purchase these shirts, you are making an investment into the future of – you are directly helping me be able to post more, make more videos and do more awesome shit for you guys. In short, you’re a goddamned hero.

Without further blah blah, I give you my shop:

Godlessmom on Redbubble

Here are the first of what will be many designs on my shop in the future:

Christopher Hitchens T-Shirt – Religion Poisons Everything

Hellbound t-shirt

Carl Sagan – I Don’t Want To Believe T-shirt

Hitch Memorial shirt

Hitch Memorial T-shirt for women

Galileo T-shirt

Hellbound Heathen t-shirt

Hellbound heathen women’s t-shirt

Galileo Women’s T-shirt

Hellbound women’s t

Christopher Hitchens Women’s T-shirts

Carl Sagan women’s t-shirt

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